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About Us

Namaste and Shalom!

We're Naan & Challah! Our unexpected union was created while we were serving in AmeriCorps together. At the time, we discovered a shared passion for service. Over time, we've discovered so much more. Naan was born in India and grew up in Louisiana until she moved to Washington, DC for AmeriCorps. Challah is Jewish by culture, born and raised in Philadelphia, and followed Naan to DC.


While seemingly we're opposites in many ways, it was our shared passion and values that brought us together- family, food, fun, music, spirituality, social justice, dance, service, and... travel! 


Naan & Challah chronicles our adventures that have taken us across cities, countries, oceans, and continents meeting people, eating great food, seeing breathtaking sites, and engaging in our usual banter.  ​We hope you will join us, laugh with us, and share with us. 


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