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Boulder BOLDer Girls Trip

Updated: Feb 18, 2019


We had talked about going on an all girls trip for years. And, in those years, we had moved away for school or work, we had gotten married and we had had kids. We're not sure how it finally came to fruition. Maybe the stars had aligned or maybe we were all at a point in our lives where we had done the shoulds and given due attention to our careers and families and were in need of some solid good ole girl time. This is often neglected but, I've always found how profoundly impactful it can be in both the immediate enjoyment and in the reverberations it has when I return to life. 

So, last May, 6 young women (a few were unable to make it) set out for Boulder, CO. The planning was impeccable and included a survey of questions that entailed where folks wanted to go, whether they wanted a girls only or family trip (overwhelming "girls only" was selected), a mountain or beach experience, 3 days or 4 and so on. We were in agreement for most of it, which was representative of our weekend as well. 

Most of us had not been to Boulder, had heard good things, and found it was the perfect place for an all girls trip. We were able to have all of our needs met and interests satisfied in one place.

We arrived from east and west coasts on a Thursday night, piled into a Turo rental (e.g. like an AirBNB for cars) and drove the hour to Louisville, CO (a small town not far from Boulder proper). We stayed at the loveliest airbnb with immaculate decor and just the right touch of hominess. It was a great space for our group.That weekend we slept very little, laughed a lot, ate a lot, had late nice dance parties or discussions, and left with our hearts full and few regrets. 

Whether you're considering Boulder for an all girls trip or a weekend getaway, it will not disappoint!

Top Things to Do

If you're not a winter sports enthusiast, the top things to do in Boulder are to eat great food, walk around Pearl Street, hike the Rocky Mountains, visit a spa, have a tea house experience, and plan to sing and dance.



Yes, the food and music scene is on point, especially if you like to eat healthy. Here are some of our top recommendations of where to to eat and where to party: 

Restaurants: Leaf, the Kitchen, Pizzeria Locale, Walnut Cafe, Moxie Bread Company

Entertainment: Outback Saloon (consistently voted Best Karaoke) and Dushnabe Tea House (this is an experience in and of itself) and The Dragontree Spa. 

Nature: You cannot leave without visiting the Rocky Mountains. Try the Chautauqua Trail!

Just make sure to do research and make reservations in advance as some of these trails book up.

How to get from the airport to Boulder

We rented a car because it's a long distance from Denver with no public transportation options, unless you're willing to take an expensive Lyft ride. Turo is a nice option.

Getting around 

Once you're in Boulder, you have Uber/Lyft and bicycles to choose from. You can take a Lyft to more popular spots and pretty easily walk around from there.  


Boulder is pricey so you'll find the same for hotels in the city. We rented a charming AirBnb in Louisville, which was a short 15 minute drive from Boulder. It was more affordable (though not inexpensive) and more accommodating to the experience we were looking for. 

Safety tips

As a group of women, we felt incredibly safe in Boulder. Given that it's a college town, you just want to exercise typical precautions if you're out late at night near bars and restaurants. It's not especially racially diverse so, if you are a person of color, you might feel uncomfortable as we first did at the karaoke bar. 

Final Thoughts

Boulder has it all from music and food to hiking and spas. It really has something for everything...though not at a cheap price. The folks there are also pretty laid pack so no need to dress up during the day.

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